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Young photographer records beauty of Great Wall | “90后”小伙拍出长城绝美四季
  Yang Dong, born in 1992, was a graduate majoring in accounting at Yangtze University. He has a deep affection for photography, and now he specializes in recording the Great Wall through the lens. "Every frame is worth being collected!" said Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian, who recently forwarded Yang's three-minute video on social media showcasing the extraordinary scenery of the Great Wall in different seasons.

  ▲ Spring scenery of Great Wall
  In Yang's second semester of his sophomore year, he saw many enthusiasts taking pictures of the ancient wall in Jingzhou city with professional cameras, and he joined them with his cellphone. Later, his parents bought him a single-lens reflex camera. Through reading the manual, browsing photography forums, and exchanging experiences with others, Yang gradually got to know the art of photography.
  In September 2015, Yang went to the Jinshanling section of the Great Wall to take photos, and from more than 2,000 photos, he picked 15 to participate in various photography competitions, one of which won a third prize in a minor competition.

  ▲ Yang records Great Wall in winter. Photos provided by Yang
  Yang decided to keep on taking photos of the Great Wall encouraged by the fact that he had won a prize for the first time he tried. From October 2015 to the end of 2016, he shot almost all parts of the Great Wall in Beijing and Hebei, and has won more than 100 awards. After winning awards frequently, he began to serialize his images of the Great Wall on social media. The positive interactions from netizens inspired him to further improve the quality of his photos.
  "The more I capture photos about the Great Wall, the more hooked to it I become," Yang said that the Great Wall has become his emotional support and spiritual home.
  (Edited by Zheng Xiaoan)