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Wuhan Optics Valley Walking Street



  The 1350 m-long World City Optics Valley Walking Street is the longest commercial walking street connected up till now. It combines shopping, dining and entertainment, travel and tourism, leisure fitness, business office, hotel service as a whole, with integrated, multi-functional, all-format, complex commercial style.

  Shopping Guidance



  The core commercial circle of Optics Valley Walking Street provides positions for many famous commercial enterprises, for example, the Grand Ocean Department Store, Carrefour, Industry and Trade Home Appliances, and so on. Many people are gathered here every day and the commercial atmosphere is very strong. The main stores here are clothes stores selling Japanese, Southern Korean and European and American fashionable apparel, foreign trade stores, Japan-Korean sections, make-up performance stage, men’s individuality areas, DJ recording garage, nail-beauty bar, super second-hand clothes market and so on. These areas are suitable for office ladies and students for entertainment in their leisure time.

  Delicious Food and Entertainment



  Since its opening to the public, Wuhan Optics Valley Walking Street is rapidly developing as a center of shopping, fashion, festival in Wuhan, and even in central China. On festivals, millions of visitors come in flood, enjoying the happiness of shopping. Optics Valley Walking Street has become the best place for entertainment and tourism. Foreign visitors will surely come to this street when they come to Wuhan. The grandest cinema, Tianhe Huanyi Cinema City in Wuhan, is in collaboration with the giant entertainment in China, which shows its brand and grade very well.

  Watching Focus

  The whole street is made up of four building complex, from west to the east, there are American-like modern building, warmly Spain architecture and the innocent Northern European malls, as well as the classic England design. Adopting the essence of the buildings in all over the countries, buildings here are representatives of buildings in the world, integrating advertisement, pillar decoration and brand of stores as a whole. Visitors and customers will experience a feeling of crossing-borders, as if they have never finished their shopping tour.

  Adopting multi-color lights in the largest scale in the world, to create world-class sky in the evening, Wuhan is extremely beautiful at night when the special designed lights turn on, forming a piece of sparkling sliver river.

  Address: Wuchang District, Wuhan, Hubei Province


  Take Wuhan Metro Line No.2 to Optics Valley Station