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  • Afternoon indulgence

    On hot days, there are few things better than sitting in an air-conditioned room and enjoying delicious, mouthwatering afternoon tea snacks. In this issue of the Changjiang Weekly, we will intro

  • Jianghan Road Commercial Street

    Located in the center of Hankou District, Jianghan Road stretches from Yanjiang Avenue in the south to Jiefang Avenue in the north for a total 1,600 meters.

  • Wuhan International Plaza

    When someone said that, business was the origin of flourishing of a city, and the development of a city is so definitely represented by the development of its business. Wuhan International Plaza

  • Wuhan Plaza Shopping Mall

    Wuhan Plaza Shopping Mall is the earliest commercial brands in Wuhan. It can be dated back to 1950s', which is also the first shopping center in Hubei Province. It locates at the commercial gold

  • New World Department Store

    Wuhan New World Department Store is Wuhan’s first foreign investment management department store, it has attracted great attention from the public. Through 15 years development, New World Depar

  • Wuhan Chicony

    Chicony locates at the ancient city Wuhan, which has a 3,500-year-old civilization. The ancestors created a brilliant Chu culture which deeply affects this place. The mountain, water and city of

  • Han Street

    Chu River and Han Street is a street and a river in Wuhan, which is developed as a project of the Phase 1 of Wuhan Central Cultural Zone, which encompasses tourist attractions, business, commerc

  • Yangcheng Lake crabsAvailable at:Crab season is here!

     As the crab season has officially begun here in Wuhan, now is the best time to enjoy delicious crab dishes. Crabs can be seen crawling around in tanks at supermarkets and seafood stalls all ov

  • IICG Wuhan Shopping Centre

    Inter IKEA Centre Group’s (IICG) 3rd shopping centre in China is now a reality. Together with the Wuhan government, IICG is creating more than a shopping centre in Wuhan - it is a city of life.

  • Aeon Mall Wuhan opens

    Aeon Mall Wuhan opens in Jinyintan of Wuhan city on Dec.19, 2014.

  • Duty-free shop in Wuhan becomes an instant hit

    People queued at the cashier’s terminal at the Eastlake Free Trade Zone, in Wuhan, capital of Central China’s Hubei Province on Jan. 2, 2015.

  • English-style afternoon tea British flavors in Wuhan

    The Chinese President's visit to the U.K. has caused quite a stir. With the strengthening of Sino-British relationships, more and more British businesses are coming to China, and elements of Bri

  • Yellow Crane Tower

    If you’re in Wuhan, an absolute must-see is the Yellow Crane Tower. Regarded as one of the Four Great Towers of China, the tower stands on the banks of the Yangtze River at the top of Snake Hil

  • New Civic Entertainment Center

    Wuhan Civic Entertainment Center (WCEC), formerly known as Hankou Entertainment Center, is among the 3 major national-renowned amusement venues along with Tianjin Quanyechang Emporium and Shangh

  • Star City

    Located in Xudong business district, one of the four major municipal business districts in Wuhan, capital of central China’s Hubei province, Star City was opened on October 1, 2014. It will be