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Optics Valley World





  Optics Valley World is located in the center zone of Optics Valley, and covers an area of about 85,000 square meters.

  This project is divided into two phases. Phase I consists of one underground floor and three above-ground floors. The underground floor is a parking lot with nearly 1,000 parking spaces. After completion, the Optics Valley World will integrate the following commercial functions, including Wal-mart Shopping Plaza, Huayi Brothers International Cinema, Lailexing KTV, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, Houcaller, Dairy queen, Watson, Papa John’s, JZX Sports Center, as well as exotic restaurants, leisure, entertainment, sports and fitness, CMBC, China Unicom, children’s amusement, and business center. All of these enhance the business service function of Optics Valley.

  For the Phase I project, some business places have been put into operation, such as Wal-Mart. Phase II project includes lots of famous enterprises including Huayi Brothers International Cinema and Lailexing KTV which started opertation in 2011.

  Address: Intersection of Guanshan Avenue and South Nanhu Road

  How to go: Metro Line 2;take Bus Line 401, 510, 518, 518, 521, 538, 572, 583, 591, 59, 702, 703, 703, 709, 728, 72, 810, 905, 909, 913, take off at Luoyulu Stop.