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Talent apartments welcomed by college graduates | 人才公寓受留汉大学生欢迎
  A talent apartment building in Wuchang District was jokingly dubbed "iPartment" building by young residents due to its fashionable design and artistic atmosphere. All the apartments were rented within two weeks after they were advertised online. The building is equipped with various living spaces loved by young people, such as a playground, a shared yoga gym, and kitchenettes. Parties are hosted twice a week.

  ▲ A graduate reads on top floor. Photo by Leng Jinghu
  In order to better cater to the aesthetics of today's young people, the owner decorated the apartments in an artistic and retro light industrial style. The walls of the fitness area are painted with stylish humorous slogans, and the tables and chairs are metal gasoline barrels in various colors. Beside the container-styled colorful bar, the wall column is deliberately chiseled uneven, with iron wall lamps attached.
  (Edited by Zheng Xiaoan)