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'A Hug in Winter' reveals new cast members | 《穿过寒冬拥抱你》官宣新阵容
  "A Hug in Winter," a movie depicting how ordinary Wuhan citizens supported each other through the COVID-19 epidemic in early 2020, is scheduled to be released nationwide on Dec. 24. The movie has recently revealed two new cast members — Zhou Dongyu and Liu Haoran. Together with Huang Bo, Jia Ling,Zhu Yilong, and other actors, they will recreate the lives of people during that special period in the city.
  电影《穿过寒冬拥抱你》将于12月24日在全国上映。这部描述普通武汉市民疫情下彼此支持的影片, 近日官宣新阵容,周冬雨、刘昊然将友情出演,与黄渤、贾玲、朱一龙等众星共同再现武汉这座英雄城市的人生百态。

  ▲ Poster of "A Hug in Winter"
  A newly released trailer shows Zhou Dongyu playing the role of an intern nurse Xia Xiao. Despite streak marks made by masks pressed on her face, Xia insists on applying lipstick to herself and her friend played by Jia Ling, arguing that lipstick sweetens the voice when talking to the patients. Liu Haoran and Qiao Xin play a young couple. The trailer sees them taking their child and looking afar, conveying love and hope.

  ▲ Poster of "A Hug in Winter"
  The film is based on real people and their experiences during that period. The Wuhan-born actor Zhu Yilong expressed his gratitude for the city, recalling the warm moment when some Wuhan residents sang on their balconies to encourage their neighbors despite being isolated in their own apartments. Liu Haoran also shared his memory during the epidemic. "I stayed at home with my family for two continuous months, during which my friends and I tried to collect masks from other places and donate money to provide as much help as possible to the city we were all concerned about."
  (Edited by Pan Qian)