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武汉一周双语推介 | This Week in News

  COCPDC kicks off

  ▲ Representatives at the opening ceremony Photo by He Xiaogang
  The 2021 Conference on Overseas Chinese Pioneering and Developing in China (COCPDC) kicked off on Nov. 16. More than 500 representatives from the Fortune Global 500 and overseas high-tech companies attended the opening ceremony. Apart from the opening ceremony and an accompanying award ceremony for the 8th COCPDC Cup entrepreneurship competition, a signing ceremony for key projects, 12 other special events, and the Wuhan Forum were also held. A total of 20 projects to be settled in Wuhan were signed during the event with an amount of RMB 16.018 billion.
  Wuhan wins at world smart city awards
  Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) was held in Barcelona on Nov. 17, at which Wuhan won the Innovation Recovery Award.
  After winning the right to represent China in the preliminary rounds on Oct 15, Wuhan competed with cities like London and Toronto. This award recognizes remarkable achievements made by Wuhan in its digital response to COVID-19, post-epidemic development, and urban governance.
  Over 2 million TEUs

  ▲ Wuhan Port Photo by Wang Wenhan
  The Wuhan New Port Administration Committee announced on Nov. 11 that from January to October 2021, the container throughput of Wuhan Port reached over 2 million TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent units), a year-on-year increase of 52.1 percent. The port is set to achieve a container throughput of 2.4 million TEUs for the whole year.
  Finless porpoise mural unveiled
  ▲ Finless porpoise mural Photo by Zhan Song
  A huge painting on the facade of a 20-meter-high residential building at Qiaofangnanyuan, Qiaokou District, is rather eye-catching. Many passersby stop to appreciate the lovely finless porpoises pictured.
  Lunar eclipse to take place today

  ▲ File photo: lunar eclipse in Wuhan Photo by Zhan Song
  A lunar eclipse will come to China today. Although technically a partial eclipse, it will be very close to a total one. Beginning at 3:18 p.m., it will reach its maximum extent at 5:03 p.m. and end at 6:47 p.m. The entire process will last 3 hours and 29 minutes.
  It is a good opportunity to view this phenomenon, as nearly all the densely populated areas in China are positioned to see this lunar eclipse at sunset. If the weather is good, why not go outdoors and enjoy this spectacular scene?
  Yangtze River Bridge bridges China and Italy

  ▲ Certificate of Honor for Wuhan
  Recently, at the 2021 "Tales of the City Event," co-organized by the Italian Obor Institute, the Discoverplaces.travel web portal, and the China People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, Wuhan won the Honorable Mention category award as the essays Wuhan submitted have received special recognition. The two essays, "The Famous Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge" and "Wuhan Spirit Stitched into the Han Embroidery," have become internet hits after being published on the Italian website the Discoverplaces.travel.
  (Edited by Ye Shiyu)