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Nurse keeps growth diary for 'palm baby' | 护士为“巴掌宝宝”写下成长日记
  An infant girl, weighing only 800 grams, was born after being in her mother's womb for just 25 weeks. She was immediately brought to the neonatal intensive care unit of the Hubei Maternal and Child Hospital for rescue and treatment. Her name is Tianci, meaning "a gift from heaven."

  ▲ He's diary Photo by Hu Dongdong
  She remained hospitalized for 120 days from July 11 to Nov. 8 under the care of He Haiyan, the nurse responsible for the treatment of Tianci, and survived several critical moments before being discharged to be reunited with her parents.
  He kept a diary, recording each precious moment of the baby, such as when she learned to suck milk, started to put her hands into her mouth, and celebrated her one-hundredth day of life. When Tianci was discharged from the hospital, He gave this diary to Tianchi's mother as a gift.
  (Edited by Ye Shiyu)