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Xinhuanet features on Wuhan's rejuvenation

 Enjoying a relaxing time in Houguanhu Wetland Park, Caidian District

Photo by Yu Zhiyong

  Xinhuanet recently released a five-part report titled "Focus on Wuhan's Rejuvenation,"featuring Wuhan's achievements and outstanding contributions in all fields.

  The first part reviews the heyday and glory of Wuhan and Sun Yat-sen's plan for Wuhan becoming "oriental Chicago" in his book The International Development of China. The report also focused on the plan of Changjiang New Town and revealed that its high-level design had laid a sound foundation for the future development of Wuhan.

  The second part introduces the ongoing supply-side structural reform in Wuhan. Wuhan is vigorously developing highly-efficient, high-tech modern industries in the context of transforming from "highspeed" towards "high quality."

  The third part focuses onthe measures Wuhan has taken to attract talent, capital and investment. These measures include encouraging university students to stay in the city to start their own business or find jobs after graduation, attracting Wuhan universities' alumni to invest in the city, and pushing for utilization of scientific andtechnological advancement. In the past year these new measures have vitalized Wuhan's economic development.

  Part four analyzes theadvantages of Wuhan's traffic systems and its impetus to economic and social development in railway, aviation, shipping, and urban transportation.

  The fifth part introduces the Changjiang Axis in Wuhan city planning. Its purpose is to build a great historic and cultural city and a world-class urban axis landscape belt.