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Macron expects to deepen eco-city cooperation between China and France

  French President Emmanuel Macron attended a press conference at the French Embassy in Beijing at the end of his state visit to China onJanuary 10.

  He was asked whetherChina and France would promote deeper cooperation in the field of eco-city as part of a closer Sino-French strategic relationship in climate change since the 2015 United Nations Climate Conference in Paris.Macron said Wuhan Sino-French Ecological Demonstration City was a typical example of China and France coping withglobal warming. China andFrance have cooperated both in astrological observation and research, such as Chinese-French Oceanography Satellite,as well as emission reduction technology and innovative enterprises. The eco-city is a laboratory for cooperation between the two countries.

  Macron said Wuhan Sino-French Ecological Demonstration City helped Chinese and French talent from both countries to form a partnership. Some powerful enterprises from France had opportunities to participate in a series of construction projects in Wuhan while many new French enterprises in Beijing had achieved cooperation with Chinese counterparts in the fields of urban heat saving and the change of mobile travel mode.

  The French president expressed high expectations for the Wuhan Sino-French Ecological Demonstration City.He called on the two countriesto deepen their partnership;promote Sino-French cooperation in more cities; increase mutual activities of diplomacy, science, technology and innovation; and accelerate eco-city transformation and technological transfer in China under the aid of French experts.