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"Wuhan Through the Eyes of Expatriates" Photography Contest

  Wuhan International Exchange and Communication Center is holding a photography competition entitled "Wuhan Through the Eyes of Expatriates", accepting photographic works by expatriates that embody the new look of development in Wuhan, to promote international cultural exchange, enhance expatriates' understanding and recognition of Wuhan, and promote the city's image. The photography contest is being co-organized by Changjiang Network.

  I. Submission Time and Eligibility

  Submission Time: 18 July to 15 November 2017

  Eligibility: Expatriates that work, study and travel or previously worked, studied and traveled in Wuhan.

  II. Subject of Works

  The theme of the competition is “Wuhan Through the Eyes of Expatriates". Photographs include three categories; city landscapes, people and news documentary. Landscape works should reflect the natural scenery, urban landscapes and developmental achievements of Wuhan. People works should reflect stories of foreigners studying, working, and living in Wuhan and interacting with Wuhan locals. News documentary images should cover current events, news events, and special activities.

  III. Awards

  1 Outstanding Achievement award: 5,000 Yuan.

  2 First Prize awards: 3,000 Yuan.

  5 Second Prize awards: 1,000 Yuan.

  8 Third Prize awards: 500 Yuan.

  12 Excellence awards: 300 Yuan.

  3 Organization awards: 2,000 Yuan.

  Individual income tax of all the awards will be deducted by the sponsor in accordance with state regulations.

  IV. Entry Requirements

  1. All photographic works must have been taken by the contestants after 1 January 2017. The works should be positive and must have been taken in Wuhan City.

  2. Works can be either single photos or photo series. Photo series can be 4 to 8 photos. The total number of single photos and series photos cannot exceed 5.

  3. Photographic works shall be submitted in electronic form, either in black and white or color. The original image shall remain unchanged, with computer processing limited to adjusting brightness, contrast and color saturation. All photographic works shall be in JPEG format, and the file size of each image must not be less than 3MB or larger than 5 MB.

  4. The format of all photographic works must be "nationality + contestant's name + title of work". A Chinese or English description of no more than 150 words should also be provided, including the time and place the photograph was taken, the contestant' name, contact details, ideas and theme of the works.

  V. How to Submit

  Participants will upload entries to the web page:http://mindiao.cjn.cn/yykwh/

  Contact Phone Number:027-85771919

  Contact Person:LiuXin

  VI. Appraisal of Works

  After submission has closed, we will organize experts to evaluate all the works. All winning works will be displayed on the Changjiang Network.

  VII. Please Note

  1. The competition sponsor will not charge any entrance fees from the contestants. Works will not be returned after they have been submitted.

  2. Contestants must guarantee that they have the full copyright to their works. If a contestant infringes the rights to the image, reputation, privacy, copyright or trademark of others, the sponsor retains the right to revoke his/her submission and the contestant shall be liable for any relevant legal responsibilities.

  3. The sponsor retains the right to publish award-winning works through the media, exhibit them or publish them in the form of a picture album for the purpose of publicity. No further royalties shall be paid to contestants, however contestants shall be entitled to the right of authorship.

  Wuhan International Exchange and Communication Center

  5 July 2017