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Han Lixuan at the 14th Universe Multicultural Film Festival

  At the 14th Universe Multicultural Film Festival (UMFF), which took place in Los Angeles at the beginning of this month, a Wuhanmade film named The Little Horse Whisperer won the Best Children's Short Film and the Rising Star Awards. The screenwriter, Han Lixuan, is a 15-year-old Wuhan girl and the youngest person to ever win Rising Star Award in the history of the UMFF.

  The Little Horse Whisperer, Han's first work as screenwriter, is a 45-minute children's reality show documentary, which tells the story about growth and change of two teenagers studying equestrianism in a winter horse-riding camp. One child is too timid to mount a horse, and the other one is seen whipping the horse. These two boys are in the same group and gradually understand that the horse must be treated as a partner rather than a toy or prop in their study. The short film received high praise from the panel of judges when it was officially released in Los Angeles.

  "In the summer vacation of 2016, I saw a group of lively and lovely children with different personalities when I was studying in a horse-riding club. Various stories went on there almost every day," Han said. "I began to seriously observe them and record their stories."

  The UMFF is an international film festival showcasing multicultural films. It has attracted the participation of over 1,000 films and television works, originating from more than 30 countries each year, and is known as the "Oscar of multicultural films."