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Jiangxia's Wenhua Avenue turns into avenue of Peking Opera masks

Pillar billboards Photo by Chen Zhuo

  Advertisements on the 25 pillar billboards along Wenhua Avenue in Jiangxia District were replaced by Peking Opera masks on April 23, making it the first avenue of Peking Opera masks in Wuhan.

  The designs portray typical images of Jiangxia District, such as Zhongshan Warship, Lingquan Buddhist Temple, the mountain greenway, Jinkou dock bank, and the new automobile industry.

  An official from Jiangxia District said that Jiangxia is the hometown of Tan Xinpei, a leading artist of the Peking Opera. The integration of Peking Opera and Jiangxia culture is a good way to popularize the traditional Chinese culture and promote the characteristics of Jiangxia.