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Wuhan silk flower



  The Wuhan silk flower is a famous specialty of Hubei. It has been produced and sold for many years and enjoys a high reputation.

  Over the past hundred years, Wuhan silk flower has adopted the traditional silk flower making techniques from the imperial courts. It draws essence from the folk silk flower making techniques throughout China, while developing and perfecting itself on the basis of the original sola flower and velvet flower skills that have been known far and wide due to its exquisite workmanship.


  Silk flowers are the flowers made with silk, satin and other high-grade fabrics. The flowers look vivid and are unique handicrafts. Whether due to its long history or the strong decorative effect, silk flowers were common accessories of the ancient women.

  Among Chinese traditional handicrafts, making flowers with fabrics emerged more than 1,700 years ago. In the Tang Dynasty, it was recorded that women wore flowers made with silk.

  Current condition:

  The silk flower artists in Wuhan have handed down and carried forward silk flower workmanship from generations to generations, making silk flower an art & craft specialty with local characteristics. The varieties of the flowers made with silk include peony, rose, Chinese rose, calyx canthus, chrysanthemum, Dahlia flower and other flowers in total of more than 400 varieties. The finished flowers are classified into inserted flowers, brooches, hat flowers, bonsai and more, enjoying great popularity among consumers.


  The mass production of the Wuhan silk flower was realized by Wuhan Ornament Flower Factory. The silk flowers produced there are gorgeous in color and appearance and are sold in more than 20 countries and regions, including Japan, Europe, the United States and Southeast Asia. At the end of the 19th century, a chamber of commerce was set up and the ornamental flower market saw new growth with great prospects for success.