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Silk from Chu Tombs in Jiangling

  In 1984, an enormous "Silk Mine" of the Chu state was discovered in the No. 1 Chu Tomb in Jiangling, Jingzhou of Hubei Province. Unearthed from the treasure house there were all kinds of silk including Juan (thin silk), Sha (gauze), Qi (damask), Luo (a kind of gauze) and Jin (brocade), as well as some embroideries.

  The variety of silk and the well-preserved condition have toped others unearthed in China during past years. Also found in the "Silk Mine" were handcrafted knitted narrow bands used especially as ornaments on clothing. They are varied in width from 3.3 to 17 mm, some of which are weaved with different geometric and animal designs by using silk threads of different colors.

  The exquisite craft has fully reflected the amazing acquirement of the Chu craftsmen during that time.