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Baoshouqiao Bridge to be transported for restoration work

  the eldest stone bridge in Hankou, will be transported 20 meters in September for restoration work, and after that, it will be moved back to original site for permanent preservation and exhibition.

  Baoshouqiao Bridge, also called Yulin Bridge, was built in 1834. It was one of 31 bridges built over the Yudai River. As time went on, some bridges were torn down, and others were covered with dirt or cement. Baoshouqiao Bridge is presently the only bridge from the original Yudai River bridge group to reappear in the modern era.

  The protection of Baoshouqiao Bridge was included into the overall construction plan of Hanzheng Street Business Zone. At present, restoration experts are taking every step to ensure that the bridge is restored to its original appearance.

  (hubei.gov.cn by Mao Huifang)