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Rapeseed Flowers Festival


  The Rapeseed Flowers Festival kicked off on March 4 in Xiaosi, Caidian District, where 20,000 tourists bathed themselves in the large rapeseed fields.

    The festival lasts for one month. Besides admiring rapeseed flowers, visitors can also buy fresh farm produce such as vegetables, free-range eggs, and fermented tofu, or grab some snack foods like boiled corn, steamed sweet potatoes, fried potatoes, and sugarcane.

    If desired, they can also observe birds in Chenhu Lake Wetland or take part in the camping party at Houguan Lake Wetland Park.

    Rapeseed flowers are among those flowers which come into full bloom in the earliest part of spring, and their flowering period usually lasts from early March to early April. Besides Xiaosi, Wuhan visitors can also appreciate rapeseed flowers at Xique Lake, Hannan District, and Wulijie, Jiangxia District.