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Wuhan Zoo

  Wuhan Zoo is located on the bank of Moshui Lake in Hanyang. Covering a land area of 42 hectares and water area of 26.7 hectares, the zoo is a semi-natural island for animals. The beautiful scenery of lakes and mountains and various species of wild animals attract tourists everywhere to come for holiday.

  Wuhan Zoo is divided into three areas, namely the front area, the central area and the back area. The front area is for land and water amusement, the central area is for wild animal exhibition and the back area is for garden enjoyment. Wuhan zoo is a comprehensive zoology garden integrating animals’ transferred feeding and breeding, protecting and studying, sheltering and rescuing, popular science educating and animal performance. There are 5 main exhibition areas and over 20 animal halls such as Bird’s Paradise, Crane Island, Swan Lake, Medium-sized Beast Hall, Giant Panda Hall, Lesser Panda Hall and so on.



  Xiwang and Weiwei from China Wolong Giant Panda Protection and Research Center

  In the Land-animal performing building, you can appreciate Siberian tigers and lions jump through firing-circles, black bears do boxing and walk on the steel wire, dogs learn words and do sums, monkeys ride on bicycles and so on. The sea-animal performing building can seat one thousand people. Here major programs are “welcome”, "present their compliments”, "kiss visitors”, "play the piano”, "walk like human”, "dance in the water” and so on. In the birds performing garden you can appreciate about 30 programs, for example parakeets take the plane, raise national flag and so on, which will bring happy to you. Crocodile performing building was built recently. Here there are 8 feral crocodiles. The programs are human riding on the crocodiles, sleeping with crocodiles and so on. The Swan Lake occupies an area of 100 hectare, which is biggest swan lake in china, including over 400 square meters island. There are three hundred rare black swans, and about two hundred white swans and other rare birds protected in china.

  After watching those lovely animals, you can go forward to enjoy the garden landscape. The garden occupies an area of 20 hectare. In the garden display all kinds of trays, about 12 thousand, about one hundred rare stones and about 3 hundred root sculptures.

  Address:Moshui Lake Road, Hanyang

  Admission fee: RMB 20/person

  Opening hours: 07:00~19:00


  1. Take the bus No. 42, 79, 412, 582, 711, 808 or trolley bus No. 7 and get off at the terminus.

  2. Take the bus No. 516, 528, 531, 533, 535, 537, 541, 556, 562, 568, 579, 585, 596, 607, 705, 707, 710, 716, 803 and get off at the Hanyang Wulixincun Stop, then walk southward for 200 meters.

  3. There are other buses that have a stop at the zoo such as No. 58, 553

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  Two three-year-old giant pandas named Xiwang ( means “hope” in English ) and Weiwei ( means “great” in English ) arrived in Wuhan, capital of central China’s Hubei Province on July 27, 2008 and later was sent to Wuhan Zoo to meet with the citizens. The two giant pandas was sent to Wuhan for the reason that their hometown was destroyed by Wenchuan Earthquake in 2008.