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Evening leisure: Wuhan nightlife



  Hit Music in Soho Bar

  Wuhan nightlife is very attractive. Feel free to join locals in a glamorous night world.

  Night Street

  Streets in Wuhan come alive around nine in the evening and Wuhan people like to invite friends to Ji Qing Jie street.

  Bars and Pubs

  It is said that Beijing has the most bars in China, Shanghai has the most graceful bars in China, and Wuhan, the most unique bars in China. After work, people invite friends to all sorts of bars and pubs throughout the city to spend their evening leisure time.

  - Type One: The Popular Bar

  Features: Dancing groups and rock bands present live performances. Karaoke, disco, dice games, and dart games are offered.

  Patrons: Businessmen, young people

  Recommended: Wuchang Bo Da, a famous entertainment site in Wuhan, important events and activities, live concerts and shows are often held here.

  Location: You can find many popular bars in the area near Xinhua Lu and Taibei Lu.

  Cost Reference: 25 RMB /p.p

  - Type Two: White Collar Bar

  "White collar" in China refers to workers who are well educated with technical skills. They have good salaries and enjoy much social welfare.

  Features: To be home to these well-educated elite professionals, these bars are artistically decorated. Jazz, blues, Latin-American music, and exotic dance performances distinguish them from noisy popular ones. At the Happy Hour, waiters dress in costumes adapting to show themes. Patron comfort is stressed.

  Patrons: White-collar workers, businessmen, foreigners, hotel guests

  Location: There are many Type Two bars along the Jianshe Dadao in Hankou

  Recommended: Red Lover (Hong Se Lian Ren), Blue Sky (Lan Se Tian Kong)

  Cost Reference: 35 RMB /p.p.

  - Type Three: Students' Stage

  Features: Usually people are not allowed to sing karaoke in the lobby, which interrupts patrons in bars. Students' Stage bars often provide pop song karaoke opportunities for students in the lobby, plus bottled beers, soft drinks, sweets and cocktails at lower prices.

  Patrons: Students

  Location: Area around Wuhan University, Huazhong Normal University, and East China University of Technology

  Recommended: Big Mouth (Da Zui Ba)

  Cost Reference: 20 RMB /p.p.