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Dragon Boat Festival entertainment guide

  The Chinese Dragon Boat Festival lasts from June 9 to 11. How should one spend this traditional holiday? For those who do not want to take the trouble to leave the city, there will be plenty of entertainment to enjoy in Wuhan.

  Galsang flowers in full bloom



  Visitors having fun in a sea of Galsang flowers Photo by Peng Nian

  Recently, Galsang flowers have begun blooming at the Mulan Grassland Scenic Area in Huangpi District. This place has the largest area of Galsang flowers in Central China. There, each Galsang flower stalk is half the length of a man's height, and can be seen swaying in the wind. According to staff, Galsang flowers bud at the end of April, and the florescence lasts till the end of September. The grassland scenery is most beautiful at this time of year, as the flowers of different colors compete to bloom.

  The flowers in Mulan Grassland Scenic Area bloom primarily in spring and autumn. When in full bloom, these flowers display their petals of red, pink, yellow, white, and purple, enriching the visual experience for visitors.

  Address: Mulan Grassland Scenic Area, Niejiagang, Wangjiahe Street, Huangpi District (黄陂区王家河街道聂家岗木兰草原景区)

  Ticket: RMB 80 per person

  The 9th Watermelon Festival held in Caidian District



  Watermelons in Caidian District

  The 9th Caidian Watermelon Festival opened at Jiuzhen Mountain on May 21. The festival lasts 40 days and will end on June 30. Visitors can experience life as a melon farmer by picking the watermelons (a local produce) and taking home their harvest.

  During the festival, visitors can pick fresh fruits and vegetables. They can also taste healthy foods cooked and prepared with ingredients from local sources in Jiuzhen Mountain. If picking fruit doesn't sound appealing, they can choose to row a boat under the shade cast by leafy trees, breathing in the fresh air.

  Besides fruit picking, visitors can participate in a number of activities such as carving watermelons, making a watermelon lantern, or many other handcrafts made out of watermelons. Any visitors who eat, live, or play in the scenic area will be served free watermelons, squeezed juice, and a plate of watermelon slices.

  Address: Jiuzhen Mountain Scenic Area, Lufang Village, Yong'an Street, Caidian District (蔡甸区永安街炉房村九真山风景区)

  Ticket: RMB 50 per person

  Fireflies in Central China's first night zoo



  Fireflies in the woods at night

  On May 27, around 50,000 fireflies lit up Wuhan's Jiufeng Forest Night Zoo, the first zoo opened at night in Central China, which provides a completely different view from daytime. Lions and tigers drift into indolence during the day, but at night, they walk around actively searching for prey. The squirrels' green and blue eyes glow in darkness. Small animals gather in pairs cuddling each other, and the king of the animals courts his sweetheart at night.

  Inside the firefly themed park, there is a science gallery to help promote firefly knowledge, and a firefly museum which offers visitors exhilarating experiences related to firefly studies.

  The park sets a strict limit on the number of visitors. Opening hours are 5:00P.M. - 9:30P.M., Friday to Sunday, from May 27 to September 25.

  Address: Jiufeng Forest Zoo, Jiufeng Village, Hongshan District (洪山区九峰村九峰森林动物园)

  Ticket: RMB 60 per person