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Wanhao Spring Valley





  Wanhao Spring Valley (万豪温泉谷) where pools have an average temperature that is higher than 53℃ is well-known for its" boiling pools." This resort is located in a geothermal area with hot springs that have been active for over 1,400 years. At this resort, guests can enjoy spot treatments and leisure amenities, such as high-quality catering and accommodations.

  Three particularly interesting attractions at this resort are the wave pool, the flagstone beds, and the fish pool. In the wave pool, visitors can enjoy waves, music, sunshine, and games in this area. The flagstone beds are heated by hot water, making them very comfortable places to rest and relax. The fish pool is a pool where visitors can let guppies nibble away at the dead, dry skin on their feet; this pool is really good for the skin.

  Address: 1 Yueliangwan Road, Wenquan District, Xianning (咸宁市温泉区月亮湾路特1号 )

  Average Cost: RMB 118