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Jiufeng Forest Park & Zoo



  Wuhan Jiufeng National Forest Park is the only national forest park within Wuhan. Being only 18 kilometers away from the downtown, the transportation is very convenient. The park covers an area of 333 hectares. The natural scenery is very elegant and it is rich in wild fauna and flora resources of over 60 species of birds and more than 580 kinds of plants including over 200 kinds of arbor, making it a green resource treasure with the biggest area of forest in Wuhan. The main scenic spots in the park are the Zoo, Pearl Spring, Immortal Stone, Sun Stone, Arhat Belly, Lion Head etc.



  Jiufeng Forest Zoo has an area of 800 mu (1 mu = 0.067 ha.), with the wild animal cage covering more than 8000 square meters. The wild animal playground covers over 150,000 square meters. There are 88 kinds of animal species totaling 1527 in number, among which there are 100 tigers, 50 black bears and 50 African lions. Facilities required by wild animal domestication and breeding such as animal kindergarten, domestication training ground and animal hospital, wild animal show room such as animal's grand meeting and dreaming theater are provided; more than 10 animal viewing areas including children zoo, bear park, tiger park, lion park, cursors park, waterfowl park, precious monkey park, crocodile park and bird park are also built. A business street integrating amusement and catering is also established.

  How to go: Bus line: 18, 25, 518, 738.