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Ma Anshan Forest Park





  Ma Anshan Forest Park lies in the eastern foot of Mount. Guan in Wuchang, neighboring the East Lake Scenic Area and the gross area totaling 713 hectares, among which mountain forest, lakes and farm land distribute at random. 17 mountains stretch far and ups and downs with beautiful East Lake water flowing along the mountain. The circuitously up and down chevron and landforms together with the abundant forest cover make the natural scenery of the forest park beautiful and elegant. The forestation of the park reaches up to 91.7%, making it the biggest “green lung” and natural oxygen bar of Wuhan urban area.

  Recommended Specialties:

  Monkey Mountain is the only free monkey site in Wuhan city. More than 100 monkeys jump up and down in the mountain forest, or ask for food from the tourists passing by, or juggle. Their cleverness and liveliness make people burst out laughing.

  On the Songhe lawn beside the green pinery, thousands of public square pigeon fly together in the hill and river to find food and play around tourists now and then, making a very warming and peaceful scenery.

  A complete set of barbecue tools are provided in the camping barbecue area, so the tourist can sit around the furnace for barbecuing and enjoy the tasty food as well as the temperament and interest. At night, there are also camping activities and bonfire dancing party.

  As there is a large area of lake in the park, tourists can enjoy rafting as much as they like.

  Bus line: 18, 25, 518, 702, 703, 538.