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  • Circus Carnival

    This world-class circus consists of actors and actresses from noted circuses in Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Columbia.

  • Zhongshan Park

    Zhongshan Park debuted its brand new "Feixuan" roller coaster on April 1. Many local residents came to relive their youthful experiences and to see what changes had been made to the new model.

  • Rapeseed Flowers Festival

    The Rapeseed Flowers Festival kicked off on March 4 in Xiaosi, Caidian District, where 20,000 tourists bathed themselves in the large rapeseed fields.

  • Weishui scenic spot

    Hubei now has dozens of auto camping sites and is looking to set upmore as it strives to become a leader in this field.

  • Wuhan Zoo

    Wuhan Zoo is located on the bank of Moshui Lake in Hanyang. Covering a land area of 42 hectares and water area of 26.7 hectares, the zoo is a semi-natural island for animals. The beautiful scene

  • Paradise for birds

    Every December, Siberian winds carry thousands of migratory birds south to Wuhan, marking the beginning of bird watching season.

  • Evening leisure: Wuhan nightlife

    Wuhan nightlife is very attractive. Feel free to join locals in a glamorous night world.

  • Xianning Hot Spring

    Xianning hot spring is also named boiling pool. Until now, the development and utilization of the hot spring have a history of more than 1,400 years.

  • Go camping in Weishui scenic spot

    Hubei now has dozens of auto camping sites and is looking to set upmore as it strives to become a leader in this field

  • Xianning Hot Spring

    There are many hot springs in Xianning. They are very well-known.

  • Dijiao Park

    Dijiao Park contains more than 800 cherry trees. Dijiao Park is Wuhan's first Jiangnan-style park. Cherry trees bloom amidst small bridges, flowing water, and ancient architectural structures. T

  • Dragon Boat Festival entertainment guide

    The Chinese Dragon Boat Festival lasts from June 9 to 11. How should one spend this traditional holiday? For those who do not want to take the trouble to leave the city, there will be plenty of 

  • Wanhao Spring Valley

    Wanhao Spring Valley (万豪温泉谷) where pools have an average temperature that is higher than 53℃ is well-known for its" boiling pools." 

  • Jiufeng Forest Park & Zoo

    Wuhan Jiufeng National Forest Park is the only national forest park within Wuhan. Being only 18 kilometers away from the downtown, the transportation is very convenient. 

  • Ma Anshan Forest Park

    Ma Anshan Forest Park lies in the eastern foot of Mount. Guan in Wuchang, neighboring the East Lake Scenic Area and the gross area totaling 713 hectares, among which mountain forest, lakes and f