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Wuhan breakfast snacks

    Graduate student paints Wuhan breakfast snacks

  Hand-drawn pictures of Wuhan's favorite breakfast snacks including hot and dry noodles, doupi, soup buns, deep fried dough sticks, and deep fried sweet potato cubes, have gone viral on Weibo and WeChat, gaining more than 100,000 likes and reposted by Internet VIPs. Enticed by the vivid folds on the soup buns, some netizens commented, " My mouth is watering just by looking at them on the screen."

The creator of these pictures is Xu Yaxin, a female first year post-graduate student of Decorative Artistic Design at Wuhan Textile University.

  Xu said that, as a food lover, she has a deep affection for every dish she draws. "The breakfast series is done once and for all. I'm now working on the duck neck series and crawfish series." She is determined to spread the love for her hometown food all over the world.