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Hongshan Vegetable Bolts



  Hongshan vegetable bolts



  Hongshan Bolts fried with Smoked Pork

  A kind of red vegetable grown in Hongshan District in Wuchang is a speciality of Wuhan. It is crisp and tender with a refreshing flavor. A famous dish called Hongshan Bolts fried with Smoked Pork can be found on every menu in any restaurant in Wuhan. The carefully chosen vegetables are those grown right around the area near Baotong Temple in Hongshan, which are considered to be the most crisp and tender. The bolts and smoked pork are cut into three-centimeter (1.86-mile) long pieces and stir-fried. The finished dish should be fresh and tender.

  In most of the restaurants you can find the above specialties on the menu in the winter. The well-known chain restaurants in the city include Little Blue Whale, Wuhan San Wu, Yan Yang Tian, Hubei San Wu, and Fu Sheng. They all have branches established throughout the city.