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Lotus Root



  rib soup with lotus root



  Lotus root, rich in protein, vitamins and other nutrients, is honored as the king of vegetables in oriental nations. It can improve immunity and slow down aging process.

  According to the record of Chinese ancient medical classic “Compendium of Material Medica”, written by Li Shizhen in Ming Dynasty, lotus root is also called as “the root of soul”, which can make people happy and pleasant at a regular consumption.

  Honghu lotus root, as its name suggests, is produced from Honghu Lake, in Honghu city of Hubei Province, and gets fame for its tasty and fresh flavor at home and abroad. It is also well-known as the “treasure from water”. Lotus root can be made into various kinds of dishes, among which the most famous is lotus root and rib soup.

  In Hubei, there is a popular saying that the dinner without soup can’t be called a feast. Therefore, a pot of mellow and delicious soup, especially the Honghu lotus root and rib soup, is the necessity for a feast. It represents the local features and quintessence of Hubei food culture.

  Lotus root and rib soup is frequently served for the guests to Hubei. And for the Hubei locals, the soup symbolizes a taste of home, so you can have it here and there, like the hotels, and even the small restaurants.