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Qingshan Roasted Sesame Cake



  Qingshan Roasted sesame cake is a traditional food in Qingshan of Wuhan since the end of Qing Dynasty. It enjoys great reputation along the Yangtze River region, and sells well at home and abroad.

  Before the year 1945, it was considered that roasted sesame cake produced by Hongxing Grocery is the best. Later, the store expanded and combined with Qingshan branch of Changjiang Food Plant. For over 40 years, the quality of roasted sesame cake has been increasingly improved, and is exported to countries in Southeast Asia.

  Roast cake sesame in Qingshan is a kind of cake in rectangle shape mixed with sesame. It is not only fragrant and crisp, but also sweet and easy to dissolve.

  (hubei.gov.cn by Mao Huifang)