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Osmanthus paste rice wine



  Many Wuhan locals have several fried rice buns (mianwo) and a cup of sweet osmanthus paste rice wine for breakfast. This is said to be a nutritious and flavorful breakfast, a perfect way to start the day.

  This breakfast will pump you up and give you energy for the morning. Don't frown upon the bowl of sweet osmanthus paste rice wine; this beverage contains aged rice wine, sweet osmanthus, lotus root starch, eggs, and sweet glutinous rice balls. The mixture of the fragrances from the rice wine, sweet osmanthus, and lotus root starch creates an invigorating scent. The glutinous balls are tasty, and the eggs provide nutrients. Some people will drink osmanthus paste rice wine before going to sleep. Just as it makes for a good breakfast, it is also a great way to end the day.

  Osmanthus sugar is made from fresh osmanthus and white sugar. Stack the osmanthus and the sugar in a clean bottle and keep it tightly sealed for more than a week.