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Zhiyin ready for sail

  Zhiyin ready for sail By Wang Dongfang

  On February 24, Zhiyin, the first multi-dimensional experience drama onboard a Yangtze River cruise ship, was ready for booking.

  The cruise ship is also named Zhiyin. The drama, directed by Fan Yue, is a grand cultural feast catering to local audiences. The show aims to build two "museums" on the ship cruising on the Yangtze River, one in the collective memory of Wuhan, and another in the tender heart. The moment viewers step onto the deck of Zhiyin, the cruise ship, they merge into the performance and collaborate on the story about city, life, and love.

  According to the person in charge of Wuhan Chaozong Cultural and Tourism Co., Ltd., the project's operator, Zhiyin is to be rehearsed in mid-to-late March and is scheduled to debut worldwide on April 26. Viewers can go to the Wufu tourist dock at Hankou Riverside Park at 7:30 P.M. from Tuesday and Sunday to enjoy the performance.

  RMB 228 is charged for admission, but a booking seven or more days in advance is discounted and costs only RMB 198.