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Optics Valley Time Plaza





  Optics Valley Time Plaza is a large-scale plaza that integrates leisure, entertainment, food and shopping, with convenient transportation and graceful environment.

  The total construction area is 47,000 square meters and lots of big commercial service enterprises have settled into it, such as Runfeng Hotel, Guanggu Zhenghua Insun Film Center, Wushang Bulksale Chain, Qidiandao KTV, and Shencaifeiyang Video Game Center. Recently, the "Happy Time" underground plaza themed on "happy food and catering" has been put into operation, forming a fashionable trend special zone that integrates various types of business in one, such as food, entertainment and shopping.

  Address: No. 158, Minzu Avenue, Wuhan, Hubei, China

  How to go: take Bus Lines 510, 521, 718, 723, 733, 755, 756, 789, 903, 912, taking off as Guanshandadao Stop