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Simenkou Business District



  Simenkou is the birthplace of Wuhan commercial port Jiefang Road. Wuhan people have a special emotion for this place. Jiefang Road has 800 years history. In the Southern Song Dynasty, it was called The Ten-li Long Street. Since then the earliest commercial port has concentrated on Jiefang road in Wuhan. This 1100 meters long business street was the most prosperous block in Wuhan.

  Located at the intersection area of Jiefang Road and Minzhu Road in Wuchang District of Wuhan, nowadays, Simenkou Business District has changed into a modern merchandise street with several large-scale chain stores such as Zhongbai Warehouse and Suning.


  Bus: No.14, 521, 529, 530, 572, 573, 717, 804, 539, 542, 566, 607

  Metro: Take Wuhan Metro Line 4 to Shouyi Road Station, and then transfer to Bus No. 539/ 717