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Zhongshan Avenue Business Circle





  The area from Dazhi Crossing to Liudu Bridge is the most prosperous part of the circle. The circle contains three of the top ten shopping malls in Wuhan which are Central Department Store, Wuhan Handicraft Store and Chezhan Road Store.

  Many time-honored snack brands such as the Sijimei Soup Dumplings, Cai-Lin-Ji Hot Dry Noodles, Laotongcheng Doupi, Fuqinghe Rice Noodles and Laojinchun Salty Flaky Pastry; famous restaurants such as Laohuibin, Dehualou and Donglaishun; various stores and public facilities with long history such as Hengda Clock Store, Jianghan Silk and Cloth Store and Pinfang Photography Store, Xinhua Cinema, People's Park, Yong'an Market; and post offices, bookstores and banks to meet the various needs of the masses. Besides, Jiali Square, Wangfujing Department Store, Wuhan Wanda Commercial Plaza, Kuma Clothes Market, etc. which were built later, bring new blood to the traditional business center and reinvigorate Zhongshan Avenue.


  Metro Line 2

  Bus Lines: 411, 502, 520, 558, 575, 579, 588, 622, 628, 71, 737, 801, 808