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New ways to have fun during the holidays



  Kids and citizens from Qiyimen Community in Wuchang spelling out 2016

  Photos by Shi Yi, He Xiaogang & Yu Zhiyong



  Doctors delivering a heart to Wuhan Union Hospital



  People sliding down an ice slide at Winter Park in Xianning



  Students dressed up as characters from a movie



  "Mermaids" swimming in the pool at Haichang Polar Ocean World



  An expat taking selfies with the “Monkey King”

  By Jia Bei

  During the recent New Year's Day holiday period, Wuhan welcomed 2.956 million visitors. Hubei Province welcomed 6.844 million visitors. These figures are roughly 20% higher than last year's figures. This year, many people found new ways to have fun, such as skiing, relaxing at a hot springs resort, and engaging in various other activities.

  During the holidays, the ski resorts in Shennongjia received a large number of visitors, many of which drove there themselves. According to relevant statistics, during the three-day holiday period, the ski resorts received 35,000 visitors. Xianning, which is home to more than 10 hot springs resorts, attracted many tourists. Each day, this city welcomed around 30,000 people. It was difficult to find vacant rooms at hotels and resorts. Yingcheng's Tangchi Hot Springs Resort, Suizhou's Yulong Hot Springs Resort, Jingzhou's Yuexi Hot Springs Resort, Luotian's Sanlifan Hot Springs Resort, and a number of other resorts were quite popular during the recent New Year's holiday period.

  The 2016 East Lake Chimonanthus Exhibition officially opened on New Year's Day. The more than 3,000 wintersweets, of which there are more than 100 types on display, attracted many flower enthusiasts. Thousands of migratory birds have settled in the Fuhe Wetlands in Dongxihu District; during the holidays, many people rushed out to observe the birds in this pleasant natural environment. Many tourists also flocked to the New Wuhan Science and Technology Museum. Mulan Tianchi held several climbing activities for holiday tourists. Paragliding activities were held at Mulan Mountain. The Dabie Mountains and Tiantangzhai both let tourists in for free; and these activities brought in large crowds as well.

  3 heart transplants in 18 hours

  While everyone else was celebrating the start of a new year, Wuhan Union Hospital's heart transplant team was busy performing three heart transplants in 18 hours. Three of the patients at the hospital were suffering from severe heart disease, and the only way to save them was to give them new hearts. On December 31, the last day of 2015, news came in that three donor hearts were available for transplant.

  Once a heart is removed from a body, it can only be preserved for 8 hours. Three heart collection and delivery teams collected the hearts from hospitals in Guangzhou and Wuhan and delivered them safely to Wuhan Union Hospital.

  The first heart transplant surgery started at

  11:00 P.M. on December 31. After three hours, they were able to get a heart into the patient and get it beating again. At 2:30 A.M., the second heart surgery started. The operation was completed successfully after about three hours. The third surgery started at 5:30 P.M. on January 1. The operation, like the two before it, was a success.

  Students creatively welcome New Year

  Paper tropical fish, cows, lions, owls, robots, and minions... these interesting creations were on display at the Paper Art Festival at Jiangnan Tingyuan Kindergarten in Wuchang on December 31. The works on display were created by 260 students and parents.

  On the last day of 2015, a number of local kindergartens and primary schools organized creative activities to celebrate and welcome the New Year. At Zhongshan Road Primary School in Wuchang, more than 1,500 students dressed up as characters from famous fairytales. They modeled their costumes, performed skits from the related fairytales, sang songs, and engaged in various festive activities. At Bailu Street Primary School, which is also located in Wuchang, the students put on handmade masks and modeled them on a T-shaped stage. At Wuhan Hailida Sijihuacheng Kindergarten, a party was held. Several manly fathers put on ballet skirts and performed Swan Lake. This greatly amused the many students and parents in the audience.

  Metro sets new ridership record

  Zhang Sheng

  With the opening of Metro Line 3, more people chose to use public transportation during the holiday. On New Year's Eve, the last day of 2015, Wuhan's metro system was used 2.24 million times. Not only is this a new record for Wuhan, but this is also the first time this figure has exceeded 2 million. On the first day of 2016, Wuhan Metro also moved 2.21 million passengers.