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North Hankou International Trade Center


  The North Hankou International Trade Center ("North Hankou") is the flagship Wuhan-based project of Zall Development (Cayman) Holding Co., Ltd. ("Zall Development" or the "Company"), a leading developer and operator of large-SCale, consumer product-focused wholesale shopping malls in China.

  The North Hankou is capturing the ample business opportunities brought about by the formal demolition and relocation of the traditional wholesale center of Hanzheng Street. As of 31 July 2011, a total of over 5,000 Hanzheng Street occupants had signed contracts to move to North Hankou, occupying a total GFA of 270,000 square meters of wholesale shopping mall unit space. This relocation is EXpected to bring significant increment in sales revenue to the Company.

  North Hankou is the largest wholesale market with a consumer products focus in Central China, in terms of planned GFA. Located at a transportation hub in Wuhan, North Hankou is privileged in terms of both transportation and logistics. Upon the completion of the first phase of the project in 2013, North Hankou is expected to comprise a total GFA of 2,700,000 square metersof wholesale shopping mall units. This will be divided into twelve separate wholesale shopping malls, with each serving a particular consumer product sector to bring together millions types of goods. North Hankou is not only set to incorporate the relocation of Hanzheng Street, but it is also well on track to be a multi-functional international trade center that comprises trading, exhibition, logistics, entertainment, service-related and other activities.

  As of 31 July 2011, North Hankou had completed the construction and sale of its Footwear and Leather Products Mall (Phase I), Small Household Items Mall (Phase I), Hotel Products and Supplies Mall (Phase I), Cotton Knitwear Mall (Phase I), Apparel Mall (Phase I) and affiliated supporting facilities. Combined, these malls offer a total GFA of over 600,000 square meters of wholesale shopping mall units. Over 1,800 occupants have commenced their businesses at North Hankou, which among them, approximately 60% is relocated from HanzhengStreet. A total of 2,680 apparel shops and 2,100 small household items shops are going to commence business at North Hankou later this year. In addition, 5,500 occupants from HangzhengStreet have entered into agreements to move to North Hankou in near future. Among them, 2,500 are small household items wholesalers. These include the Hanzheng Street Bedside Products Chamber of Commerce, which will take up shop units totaling 20,000 square meters, and a number of gift and stationary wholesalers.