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Wuhan Plaza Shopping Mall


  Wuhan Plaza Shopping Mall is the earliest commercial brands in Wuhan. It can be dated back to 1950s', which is also the first shopping center in Hubei Province. It locates at the commercial gold area of Hankou, Wuhan. Wuhan Plaza Shopping Mall is a luxurious shopping center with the widest varieties of products. It is also function as a place for entertainment, catering and commercial affairs. It is the largest shopping center in China's central and southern regions as a whole.

  The total business area is about 80,000 square meters. The construction and decoration of Wuhan Square adopt world famous design concepts. So, it is noble and elegant.

  The mascot of Wuhan Square is Mimi bear. Mimi bear can reflect the strong strength of Wuhan Square and popularize the company's market position. In that, Wuhan Plaza Shopping Mall can make itself well-known to the public. The image of the Mimi bear represents the sincerity of Wuhan Square. It also represents that Wuhan Square will create a personalized living space for all customers.

  Scope of Business

  Wuhan Plaza Shopping Mall has drawn into over 100,000 kinds of international and national famous brands. it has become an ideal place for shopping. Wuhan Plaza Management Co., Ltd is China's famous commercial group.

  Business Hours

  Shopping Square Business Hours

  Sunday to Friday: 9:30-21:00

  Saturday to Sunday: 9:00-21:00

  Catering and Entertainment Businesses Hours

  1F KFC fast-food restaurant: 9:00-22:30

  6F Night Paris Restaurant Bar: 11:00-2:00am

  7F Singapore Food Plaza: 10:00-21:00

  7F Hongmao Elephant Recreation Square: 10:00-22:30

  Contact Information

  Address: Hankou Jiefang Road No. 688, Jianghan district

  TEL: 027-82777240  027-85714125

  Means of Transportation: Take bus 1, 2, 42, 64 outer ring, 64 inner ring, tram 3,

  Bus 508, 519, 522, 524, 548