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Wuhan International Plaza

    When someone said that, business was the origin of flourishing of a city, and the development of a city is so definitely represented by the development of its business. Wuhan International Plaza is located in one of Wuhan's business circle along the Jiefang Road, just next to Wuhan Plaza Shopping Mall.

Scope of Business

    On September 29, 2007, Wuhan International Plaza opened business. This is the top shopping center of Wuhan introduced 328 brands including more than 60 international brand and it was the first time of another 106 brands that being introduced in the market of Wuhan. In addition, the first of domestic China was created, there are three passages in each level that connecting Wuhan International Plaza, Wuhan Plaza and The World Trade Plaza, which constructs a super-large shopping center covering 220 thousand square meters. it is the greatest store in domestic China. Wuhan International Plaza aspires to create "the most topping department store of Central China" focusing on international quality and exquisite life. Fifty percent of more than 60 international brands stationed here are introduced to the market of Central China for the first time. The New International Plaza is of a new appearance. 200 square meters individual space for international brands is the trail that old department store and other industries in the same kind never dare to image.

Top Brands

    It is crowned as the pool for top brands, such as:

    An Italian CORNELIANI coat is marked a price for more than RMB 70000 which is a cashmere coat with flix liner.

    RMB 24500 Italian PAL ZIERI lamb flix suits for men

    Motor series designed by the world top designer Yohji Yamamoto, estimate price of the whole set is RMB 60000

    RMB 4989 Singapore fashion brand ALLURE NOLR evening dress

    International topping brand Cartier marked price RMB 284 thousand for a balloon blue de Cartier America Enzo88 diamond ring is marked a price for RMB 305320

    South Africa Michael diamond ring is marked a price for more than RMB 24000

    Special series of crystal Kosta Bod for Sweden royals on Nobel Prize Awards Dinner

    The greatest gold coin for Olympic Games in the world, gold coin for the 29 th Olympic Games is marked a price for RMB 128000

Business Hours

Sunday to Friday: 9:30-21:00

Saturday to Sunday: 9:00-21:00

Contact Information

Address: Hankou Jiefang Road No. 690, Jianghan district

TEL: 027-85714125

Means of Transportation: Take bus 1, 2, 42, 64 outer ring, 64 inner ring, tram 3,

Bus 508, 519, 522, 524, 548