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Jianghan Road Commercial Street

ancient buildings on Jianghan Road

the bronze statue on Jianghan Road Commercial Street (photo by Sun Wen)

night view of Jianghan Road Commercial Street

    Located in the center of Hankou District, Jianghan Road stretches from Yanjiang Avenue in the south to Jiefang Avenue in the north for a total 1,600 meters.

    The 100-year-old street boasts various kinds of architecture, including Roman, Byzantine, Europe and classic styles. There are over 200 stores and shops housed in traditional buildings selling a complete selection of clothes, appliance, food, commodities and other goods.

    The commercial street can be divided into three districts: the Finance and Insurance District housing the Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Minsheng Bank and many other financial institutions; the Specialty Stores District overflowing with franchised stores selling name brands home and abroad, small boutiques, jeweler shops, cafes; and the Department Stores District with many big department stores.

    Every aspect of Jianghan Road contributes to retelling the history of Wuhan. Amenities such as pay phones, electronic screens, mailboxes and car parking are available for your convenience and enjoyment.

    Roaming on Jianghan Road Walking Street at night, you can enjoy the enchanting night scenery. Its night market, which is lined with booths selling local snacks, clothes and pets, is also extremely popular.