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Guide tips to appreciate riverside flowers

  Spring has arrived as flowers flourish and willows become greener each day. It is now time for going out and enjoying the beauty of nature.

  Children playing and swinging at Hankou Riverside Park Photo by Guo Liangshuo

  Both sides of the Yangtze River in Wuhan are lined with all sorts of flowering trees, bushes, and grasses. The Hankou, Hanyang, Wuchang, and Qingshan riverside parks are among the best choices for you to visit. Changjiang Daily and the city's riverside park management office have created a flower appreciation report for locals and visitors. Here are some tips from the guide.

  Different flowers bloom in different seasons at the riverside parks. People are able to see camellias, wintersweet flowers, and plum blossoms from December to January; Mulan magnolia flowers in February; and winter-flowering cherry blossoms, purple-leaf plum blossoms, and Chinese redbud tree flowers from the middle of February to the middle of March.

  Now is a good time to see spring-flowering cherry blossoms, peach blossoms, and Chinese Flowering Crabapple. In the upcoming two months, Chinese roses, southern magnolia flowers, and pomegranate flowers will seize the attention of tourists. In summer, lotus flowers, crape myrtles, and sweet-scented osmanthuses may be enjoyed.

  According to statistics, more than 200 kinds of flowers and plants are planted in Wuhan riverside parks, with a greening rate of 70 percent.