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2017 Wuhan Marathon: A unique experience By Gao Chongcheng

  The 2017 Wuhan Marathon will be held this Sunday. Twenty-two thousand runners will experience a unique and exciting marathon

  Many runners said that they would like to take advantage of the opportunity to behold the beauty of the well-known Wuhan cherry blossoms. In fact, Wuhan does not only have cherry blossoms but is also endowed with natural landscapes and rich history and culture.

  While going through Zhongshan Avenue, which has been selected for the first time as part of the Wuhan Marathon runway after its reopening last year, runners can take a look at old Hankou and feel the rich commercial atmosphere at Jiqing Street and Liuduqiao. All this can be seen along the 4.8 kilometer section from Yiyuan Road to Wusheng Road.

  Runners will run across the 60-year-old Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge, which was built in 1957 and still serves as a traffic artery connecting the north and south sides of the Yangtze.

  As the course winds through the three towns of Wuhan, runners can experience the beauty of the Yangtze River, the Han River, Guqin Terrace, the Yellow Crane Tower, Shahu Lake, East Lake, Moshan Mountain, and many other scenic spots along the way.


  "Most anticipated" domestic marathon

  In the second quarter of the year, the number of marathons registered at the Chinese Athletic Association has risen to over 30. According to the four indexes of "Baidu search volume," "news retrieval volume," "championship prize," and "highest WeChat index," the Wuhan Marathon ranks first in the former two indicators and third in the latter two according to a survey by 21st Century Business Herald

  In the marathon popularity ranking for the second quarter, the Wuhan Marathon tops all others with the highest support rate of 24%, becoming the most anticipated domestic marathon in the second quarter of the year