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Train bath

    Photo by Li Yonggang

  How does a Wuhan Metro train take a bath?

  We got a chance to see how the trains on Metro line 6 get clean. The bathhouse is a two-story building with one side connected to a track, at the end of the track is a train ready to bathe. The secondfloor controller room uses screens to monitor the operations of the washing equipment. The train slowly enters its "bathtub" after the driver gets the clearance from the controller. The bath takes fifteen minutes.

  The trains on the Metro line 6 bathe every other day. The water is recyclable. In order to ensure the cleanliness of the interior of the cars, the trains have manual cleaning at night after coming back from the bathhouse.

  There are ten automatic wash garages for the Wuhan Metro Network to ensure all trains bathe at least every 4 days.