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Wuhan-Xiaogan intercity railway open to traffic




  Wuhan-Xiaogan intercity railway is open to traffic on December 1, 2016. (photo by Ni Na/ Hubei Daily )



  The train is approaching Tianhe International Airport (photo by Chen Yong & Zhao Rong/ Cloud Vison)



  The passengers are excited about the opening of the Wuhan-Xiaogan (photo by Li Hui/ Chutian Metroplis Daily)

  The intercity railway linking Wuhan and Xiaogan was officially open to traffic on Dec 1, 2016.

  It is the fourth Hubei intercity railway and an important part of the Wuhan-Shiyan high-speed rail.

  Wuhan-Xiaogan intercity railway extends over a length of 62 kilometers and sets 11 stations between the termimnals of Hankou Railway Station and Xiaogandong Railway Station. One important stop of them is the Wuhan Tianhe Airport, which is not fully operational yet but you can take free shuttle bus at exit D of the airport station. Travel time between Hankou Railway Station and airport is 12 mins.