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Han Style wedding


Photo by Hu Dongdong

   On November 12, reed flowers in Hankou Riverside Park were in full bloom. Beside the Yangtze River, Changjiang Daily held a Han Style wedding ceremony for 10 couples. It was a noble and elegant Chinese traditional wedding.

  According to ancient wedding etiquette of the Han Dynasty, the newlyweds dressed in Han Fun, a traditional Chinese costume; saluted by placing one hand in front of the other before their chest, ladies covering left hands, gentlemen covering right hands; then they sat together after washing their hands; fed each other to start their new lives; drank wine and cut a lock of hair from the other, put their hair together in silk bags, then became husband and wife; finally, they stood up hand in hand, symbolizing their commitment to grow old together.

  The almost hour long ceremony fascinated visitors. A French student from Wuhan University who came across the Chinese marriage ceremony while looking at the reeds exclaimed, "The Han Style wedding is so beautiful! "