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Metro airport line ready to open


  Metro Line 2 going down to the underground Photo by Li Yonggang

  By Zhang Sheng

  With all the equipment now in place, the metro airport line, or the northern extension of Metro Line 2, is ready to become operational by the end of the year.

  The 19.5-kilometer line starts at Jinyintan and ends at Tianhe International Airport. Passengers can transfer to Metro Line 3 at Hongtu Avenue Station. Two of the seven stations, Aviation Headquarters Station (Hangkongzongbu Station) and Songjiagang Station, are built above ground and are specially designed to reduce the above ground area.

  Compared with the operating portion of Line 2, the design of the Airport Metro Line is upgraded so that it will be more user-friendly and easily accessible. The waiting rooms at Aviation Headquarters Station and Songjiagang Station are air-conditioned. Escalators are installed at all seven stations. At Tianhe International Airport Station especially, there are four escalators to help passengers move their luggage more conveniently to the airport terminals.