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Tianhe T3, a phoenix ready to fly


  By Ju Di

  Construction work at Tianhe International Airport Terminal 3 has almost been completed. The work includes two corridors to the east and west and the main terminal building. T3 looks like a phoenix ready to fly.

  The shape of this fabled bird is well-known throughout China, and forms the roof of the terminal. Terminal 3 is divided into three parts — the main building, two corridors, and two airside concourses. The phoenix pattern at the top of the terminal building is composed of skylights, which function as a natural lighting absorber. Their optimized design and intelligent switching help keep the inside warm in winter and cool in summer without air conditioning.

  T3 began construction in 2013, and is to be completed by the end of this year. With a capacity to handle 35 million passengers, it will help meet the rapid growth of passenger flow well into the future.