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Ring road crosses over 3 rivers and 4 lakes


  Houguanhu Bridge Photo by Li Yonggang

  By Ju Xi

  On October 8, our reporter visited the western section of the 4th Ring Road which is currently under construction and learned that the section will be open to traffic by the end of the year. It will take only 10 minutes to travel between Dongxihu and Wuhan Economic & Technological Development Zone, two major logistic districts.

  The western section, which is about 22.55 kilometers, starts from Xiajiaju Village in Caidian and crosses over three rivers and four lakes, including the Houguan Lake.

  The part of the 4th Ring Road on Houguan Lake is also known as the Houguanhu Bridge. It was designed to resemble the shape of the letter "S." The surface of the bridge is only four meters above water, which will make drivers feel closer to nature. With flying birds and waving reeds on the lake, it is guaranteed to be a relaxing ride.