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ed-necked Phalaropes first migrate south via Wuhan


  The red-necked Phalarope on Fuhe River


  Unique flowers at Garden Expo Park

  Photo by Li Yonggang

  By Wang Yaxin

  A previously unknown bird species has been sighted at Fuhe River. The bird was confirmed by the Wildlife Protection Division of Wuhan Landscape and Forestry Bureau to be a red-necked Phalarope, a new bird species to Wuhan.

  The red-necked Phalarope is a species usually distributed along coastal areas. According to Cheng Benze, an official at the Wildlife Protection Division, after their reproduction in the area from northeast China to northern Siberia, they fly to the coastal areas of the south to spend the winter. Now, they are taking a new migration route via the midland and staying in the Fuhe River area for rest and to recuperate before they continue southward.

  The total number of bird species in the Fuhe Wetlands has now reached a new record of 160.

  "Heartless flowers" at Wuhan Garden Expo Park

  By Wang Yaxin

  On September 12, eye-catching red flowers were in full bloom on Jingsha Hill in the Wuhan Garden Expo Park. The flowers cover an area of 66.7 hectares, and are like flames burning on the hill, attracting a large number of visitors to admire them and take photos. The flower is known as Lycoris radiata. When the flower blooms, its leaves fall; so the flowers and leaves are never seen together. They have been called "heartless flowers" in some Chinese literary works.