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Representatives from 15 river basins


  Experts discussing during the forum Photo by Peng Nian

  On September 20, the Great Rivers Forum officially opened at the Changjiang Civilization Museum. More than 120 experts and scholars from 15 of the world's river basins gathered in Wuhan and held talks on the sustainable development and evolution of river civilizations.

  Michael Turner, Chargé de Mission to the Director of the UNESCO World Heritage Centre, Alberto Garlandini, Vice President of the International Council of Museums, and Kenneth Behring, President of the Global Health and Education Foundation, attended the forum. Mr. Turner proclaimed the "2016 Great Rivers Forum Declaration of Wuhan."

  According to the declaration, they will unite to protect the cultural and natural heritages of river basins and promote harmony between civilizations and nature. A communication platform for cities located along river basins will be built to increase cooperation and to enhance development in culture, science and technology, education, tourism, innovation, and trade. They will share experiences in managing, developing, and protecting water, land, and energy resources. A memorandum of cooperation was signed by museums of the river basins to create an international strategic alliance.

  The Yangtze River center for sustainable development of river basins cultural heritages will be built to promote ecological protection and to realize social development.

  The forum was organized by Wuhan Municipal People's Government, Changjiang Water Resources Commission of the Ministry of Water Resources, and Wuhan University.