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Wisterias blooming in autumn


  Wisterias at Jinyinhu area Photo by Li Yonggang

  By Wang Yaxin

  The hot summer days have just passed. In the streets of Wuhan, however, flowers that are supposed to blossom in spring, like cherry blossoms, begonias, and wisterias, are in bloom this autumn.

  The begonias in Xiaonanhu Park offer up a striking display of pink and white petals. In Houxianghe Park, the crape myrtle that should blossom in mid April and May are flowering again. Viburnum flowers in Zhongshan Park are bursting into bloom on the branches, while cotton roses are blossoming three months in advance in Changqing Park and Heping Park.

  Li Peng, director of the Flower and Ground Covers Office of Wuhan Municipal Research Institute for Landscape Gardening, says the abnormal phenomenon stems from an abnormal climate, because since August Wuhan has endured consistently high temperatures and little rain. Moreover, the sudden temperature fall before August made some plants mistake this autumn for spring.