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China-Europe Freight Train (Wuhan) opens LCL service




  A car of the 23rd train of Metro Line 6

  Photo provided by Wuhan Metro Group

  By Han Wei

  On August 31, Ms. Zhong from Wuhan, now residing in the Netherlands, packed up the contents of her Wuhan home and sent them to Duisburg, Germany, via the China-Europe Freight Train (Wuhan). The articles are expected to arrive at her home in Holland around September 18, after the package dispatch in Europe.

  It was the first time that the Wuhan-Europe Freight Train (Wuhan) had provided the LCL (less than container load) service to individual customers. According to Wuhan Asia-Europe Logistics Co., Ltd., previously they either offered specially tailored services for large corporations or regular services for small and medium companies.

  The LCL service is provided for those who want to send personal effects from China to Europe. The service covers collection by phone, packaging, loading, customs declaration and inspection, and dispatching to any address in Europe. The Freight Train departs for Europe twice a week on Wednesdays and Fridays.

  Wuhan Metro enters thousand-car era

  By Zhang Sheng

  On August 31, with the 23rd train of Metro Line 6 arriving in Wuhan, the city embraced its 1,000th metro car.

  Phase I of Metro Line 6 will be equipped with 40 trains. The rest of the trains will be delivered before November.

  Since the arrival of the first train on Metro Line 1 in Wuhan in 2003, Wuhan metro has experienced 13 years of development and has now entered the thousand-car era. According to construction plans, the next 1000 cars will be delivered by 2018. Currently 11 metro lines are being built in Wuhan, including Phase I of Line 6.